A true ‘funny’ christmas comes with a GIFT to you

A very happy holiday is what people are enjoying with their families RN. There are also people who work, travel and so on. That’s why I’m giving again not only some appreciable news, but a link to a full game that you can add to your Steam right now (since you already have Half Life 2 which is out of the question). The game to add is Entropy: Zero 2 which is great. It’s a whole new adventure in the lands of Half Life and this time the protagonist, you, is a soldier of the combine the enemy. The graphics are what you can expect from the Source Engine and the plot is neat. Merry Christmas!


  • Overhauled combat – new effects, enemies and weapons!
  • A brand new campaign spanning seven chapters of content.
  • Overhauled enemy AI, enemy willpower and enemy variants create exhilarating combat scenarios.
  • A narrative driven experience with a fully-voiced and choreographed cast.
  • Command squads of Combine soldiers. Have them do your bidding!
  • Experiment with Xen grenades – weapons that consume enemies and objects and spawn Xen lifeforms in return.