Dragon Ball. What’s the target age according to Master Toriyama

The target of the series is not focused in particular on an age group between young people and adults. According to interviews published later with Akira Toriyama:

In a “Special Interview” with Toriyama in the May 2013 issue of Shueisha’s V-Jump:

Let’s see. Well, it hasn’t changed from when I was drawing Dragon Ball. At the time, since it’s a boys’ magazine, the readers are boys, so I was particular about “not making it too convoluted”. So it was the same with the movie: I was particular about kids being able to enjoy it.

Also what he mentions is his book:

I was conscious of having content that children could understand, and not getting too serious. Also, this time there is a “god” as the subject, I thought I should make it light so it wouldn’t get religion-y. And also, I was careful not to give them difficult, abstract/conceptual dialogue.