My free crypto trading AI strategy for you: Neutronix Bot

Hello to all and Gm, i have recently pubblished a script made for free about automated trading crypto and futures. Although my experience in trading is only a matter of months(since 2019) you can download and freely use my script for your trading.
It is called Neutronix community bot and i made it with help of community open source scripts which enlightned me to achieve best results. Fff the script uses the ai strategy called LVQ which is an optimal machine learning algorithm which ALWAYS provide the best winning signal from a numerous selection of competitors. Second thing the script utilize a multitude of filters which try to start the trade on the right moment (volatility of market and assurance of ending the trade in profit).

To use the Neutronix bot just add it to your chart, and hook the buy-sell takeprofit-stoploss signals to your automated alert system (fe Alertatron,, Tvhub, etc etc). You can trade easily and in an automated manner on 1minute, 5 minute, 15, 30 and so on long timeframes. More infos on script page on TV in the link.