Neuromorphic Scanline Rendering on Commodore 64 for Visual Image Generation(updated!)

Quick Recap: We introduce a Basic v2 program specially crafted for the iconic Commodore 64 computer, harnessing the power of a simple neural network with leaky integrate-and-fire neurons and volatile memristor simulation for scanline rendering.Our neuromorphic scanline rendering program demonstrates the endless possibilities where every scanline becomes a stroke of artistic brilliance.

Neuromorphic Computing Unleashed: Neuromorphic computing is a revolutionary approach that draws inspiration from the human brain’s neural networks to solve complex computational problems. In our quest to reimagine scanline rendering, we leverage the Commodore 64’s capabilities, creating a virtual neural network for artistic outputs. At the heart of our program lies a neural network composed of leaky integrate-and-fire neurons. These neurons mimic the way brain cells function, receiving inputs from neighboring neurons and generating outputs based on adjustable memristor values.

The key to our neuromorphic approach lies in simulating volatile memristors, which behave similarly to synapses in the brain. These memristors store weights that determine the strength of connections between neurons. By updating these memristors during rendering, the neural network adapts and refines its artistic representations.

The Rendering Process: As the program processes each scanline of the image, it evaluates the memristor values and performs calculations using the leaky integrate-and-fire model. The stochastic nature of the model allows for artistic variation, making each rendering unique. Our project combines artistry and technology, transforming a vintage computer into a canvas for generative artwork. The dynamic neural network, paired with the retro aesthetic of the Commodore 64, produces stunning and unpredictable visual outputs that push the boundaries of creativity.

UPDATE: Please download and use neuralscanrndr2 file, it relieves the cpu of nonessential work for faster generation! Thank you.

Links(rename in .bas for the compiler)