Ultrimio – world first neuromorphic uPC in open hardware design arrived

Introducing Ultrimio, an innovative open hardware microcomputer designed for everyday use with a wide range of software applications. Similar to popular devices like Raspberry Pi and Arduino, Ultrimio sets itself apart by focusing exclusively on gaming and simulations. The discussions surrounding Ultrimio emphasize the lack of software development that truly impresses computer enthusiasts.

The initial purpose of Ultrimio is to bring order to the chaos of various computing platforms, from RetroConsoles to MCUs, Embeddeds, and Microplatforms PCs. It unifies these diverse ideas and provides a physical platform for your projects. You can even finalize your projects on a freely accessible online catalog(in the future) or store them on cartridges.

Ultrimio operates on the principles of neuromorphic rendering, where data is prepared in a pre-rendered state by COGS(cogitative units), and the actual graphical inference is executed by the ODIN coprocessor in SNN mode.

Ultrimio aims to achieve various software-related purposes, including general intelligence, neural visualization processing, and the development of quasi-exokernel operating systems.

One of the most notable advancements of Ultrimio is its remarkable power efficiency. Operating at just micro-Watts (uW), it surpasses the expectations of low power requirements. This is made possible by the event compute technology, enabling the computer to run on tiny batteries for extended periods.

Ultrimio put remarkably importance on the quality of senses, including analog-type output sound and video devices like VFD, Nutube, and vector displays.

These highly sought-after features enhance the overall user experience and are required for a 100% Ultrimio build. Ultrimio presents an exciting and innovative open hardware microcomputer designed for everyday use.