How does Milkomeda works

Milkomeda, the interoperative EVM which bridge Ethereum to Ada Cardano offers L2 solutions to both blockchains.
In fact it implements both Rollups and Solidity language, which allows porting existing decentralized dapp from Eth network to Ada. Plus, it innovates by bringing ZK ‘secret sauce’ L3+ on top of Milkomeda bridge.

For everyday users, you will find all the entire guide on how to setup metamask for milkomeda in the link below:

The Milkomeda C1 sidechain uses MilkADA as its base asset for paying fees and gas. To access the sidechain, you will need a Cardano wallet with some ADA as well as the MetaMask browser extension. 
On the following pages we will walk through the steps to create a Cardano wallet in Flint, configure MetaMask to get a Milkomeda C1 address, and finally send ADA to be converted into MilkADA on Milkomeda C1.